Smooth Treadmill Review

smooth-5-65-treadmillDifferent from most treadmill manufacturer, Smooth is a factory direct online company that sells their products online instead on offline stores. According to Smooth, selling best treadmills online will give consumers as much as 50% savings by eliminating third party holders. However, some sports centers do carry Smooth treadmills but consumers are advice to buy their products online such as their cheap treadmill equipments to avail the said manufacturer discount.

Smooth became very popular due to their wide variety of best treadmills on the market that can be compared to those on the high end category whilst maintaining an affordable price tag. Also, they have been awarded several times by review giving bodies tagging the “best buy” label on most of their best treadmills. Read on to this treadmill review and discover what makes Smooth treadmills a real value for your money. Note that tons of cheap treadmills are present on the market right now but only few of them are considered to be a good catch. Is Smooth treadmill one of them? Let’s find out.

  1. Unique luxury features – most economy categorized treadmills or those that are being sold as cheap treadmills don’t come with luxury touches. However, with Smooth treadmills, you can experience these features such as motion control on handrails, LCD TV, deluxe sound system and long running decks without the premium price. Compared to other brands with the same specs, no doubt that Smooth is the best treadmillwhile maintaining its economical price.
  2. Strong construction and stable feel – even though they come as cheap treadmills, Smooth managed to produce durable machines with stable feel. You will never experience wobbles or shakes with Smooth treadmills, they are built for performance most especially their high end products that are made for extreme running experience.

Beyond its beauty lies one major drawback and that is the lacking of tools and workout programs. Should “Smooth” be the best treadmill present on the market right now? Hard to tell but sure they are one of those few companies that carry cheap treadmills yet boosting with quality.